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" Face it friends : nobody on this Earth will keep your secrets better than your dog..."

End of October parents gave me a big cardboard box for my 6th Birthday. It wasn't hard to imagine what was in there, because I heard some squeeking and peeping noises. My dream came true: Yay, I got a dog!!! A longhaired Dachshund. And I called her 'Daisy'. I was determined to bring her to school to show her to my teacher and classmates. Carefully my Mom had put her in a basket, covered her in a doll blanket, like a little baby. Proud as a peacock I was showing her off that day. Walking around like little red riding hood with her goodie basket... Soon we became best friends, I would dress her up, on occassion. By lack of brothers & sisters, she was my playmate. She would sit straight up next to my stuffed animal dolls and I would pretend to be their 'teacher'. After a couple years my little sister was born and soon we discovered she had an allergy for dogs...So Daisy moved to our grandparents and lived a long and happy life.

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